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Columbia Expo

"All the assets to make your concept reality"

Pro Audio

Audio by far is one of the most important parts of any event! Whether it’s 150 people or 5,000 people, we got you!


We provide clean and crisp sound for any situation.


Make sure your audience is able to hear everything that’s going on with a smooth blend of all the elements. 

Lighting Section


Captivate your audience and give them an experience that won’t be forgotten.

Something as simple as Lighting can take an Event from a 7 to a 10.


Lighting is the secret weapon that will win your audience over and keep them captivated.

Backline Section


Backline is another key to a smooth show. We provide quality equipment that caters to all musicians.


With several brands such as Yamaha, Roland, Nord, Hammond, Fender, DW, Aguilar, Ampeg, Pearl, and the list goes on.


We take pride in our gear and go the extra mile to satisfy our clients! 



“Capturing a moment that will live forever”.  

From artist, to podcast, to radio commercials, we provide recordings for various occasions.


We’re able to record up to 64 live tracks.


We have industry standard gear with trained engineers to capture the elements of your occasion. 





We take pride in our work and our clients. Let's create an event that won't be forgotten!

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